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Here is our movies from the Camp, enjoy!



Logo and the COC

The EUDY Youth Camp 2016 Logo reflects the theme and location of the camp.  The hand symbol in turquoise color represents the solidarity of the intersectional communities within the Deaf community.  The blue, red, and green Dalecarlian horses are the iconic symbols of the region Dalarna in mid-Sweden.  The Dalecarlian wooden-carved horses have been an important part of Swedish history for over 150 years. 

the Swedish COC


Theme and 50th year anniversary

The EUDY Youth Camp 2016’s theme,”Diversity in the Minority” embraces the richness of cultural diversity within the Deaf communities.  Participants will be given the opportunity to engage in intercultural dialogue while exploring and analysing cultures, traditions, and norms within the Deaf community. The theme will focus on gender equality, the LGBTIQ community and cultural minorities as well as disability and social inclusion.  Participants will be challenged to reflect upon their position and attitudes in order to gain a deeper awareness of intersectional discrimination within the Deaf community.

Also – SDUF was established on 23 April 1966 in Leksand, Sweden, and will celebrate its 50th year anniversary in 2016!


Alcohol and drug policy 

According to Swedish Law, only persons aged 20+ are allowed to purchase alcohol; however, persons aged 18+ are permitted to enter pubs and drink alcoholic beverages.  Participants are asked to drink with your mind.  Know your own limit, do not participate in dangerous drinking games.  Avoid swimming or other exhaustive activities while you are under the influence.  Participants are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages during the workshops and excursions.

Swedish Law prohibits all use of illegal drugs/narcotics.  If the person is caught in any act concerning drugs (proprietary and/or dealing), we shall notify the local police immediately.  The COC and EUDY will not be held responsible.  Medicine prescribed by the doctor is allowed if you bring a doctor’s note with an explanation.


Vaccinations and Health Insurance

For Sweden, there are no required vaccinations.  However, it is encouraged to stay current on routine shots (MMR and DPT vaccinations, poliovirus vaccine, Heptatits A & B, etc).

Health Insurance
Each participant is expected to provide some kind of health coverage for the duration of the camp.  Participants will be given the opportunity to share their medical needs on the registration form.  Campers have the freedom not to reveal anything about their medical needs, but EUDY and the Organising Committee will not be responsible in any way should something happen.


Tourist Information

Sweden has a population of approximately 9.8 million people.  Sweden has their own currency (valuta) in SEK.  The weather during the summer is usually pleasant, with temperatures averaging around 20°C during the daytime.  However, it can get chilly at nights so be sure to bring warm clothes!  Summer days are longer with sunrise at approx. 03.30h and sunset at approx. 22.30h.


About SDUF, EUDY and Erasmus+

SDUF logo  EUDY logo  Erasmus logo

Sveriges Dövas Ungdomsförbund (SDUF), Swedish YNAD 
SDUF was established on 23 April 1966 in Leksand, Sweden, and will celebrate its 50th year anniversary in 2016.  SDUF has a vision of a society where children and young people whose deafness or hearing loss are not an obstacle to their participation in society.  All deaf and hard of hearing children and young people have the right to full access to sign language in the community for their linguistic, social and cultural development.  SDUF has over 900 members who are between 6-30 years old.

European Union of the Deaf Youth (EUDY) 
The European Union of the Deaf Youth is a European non-profit organisation whose membership comprises of the Youth National Associations of the Deaf and Youth Sections of National Associations of Deaf people in Europe. Established in 1987, EUDY is the only organisation representing the interests of Deaf Young Europeans in Europe. Currently, EUDY has 28 Full members, from Iceland to Romania, and from Spain to Finland.  EUDY strives to foster the personal development of young deaf persons with a sign language in Europe and to further mutual understanding to advance and protect the rights of and opportunities for young deaf Europeans.

The Erasmus+ Programme
EUDY Youth Camp 2016 is funded under the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 programme (Youth Exchanges). The Erasmus+ is Europe’s biggest grant program for Education, Youth and Sports. With a budget of € for 7 years, there are plenty of opportunities for researchers, students, youth exchanges, trainings, mobility projects, etc.





Leksand - map


The EUDY Youth Camp 2016 will take place from 8-17 July 2016 at Västanviks Folkhögskola, in Leksand, Sweden. We are arranging bus transport between Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) and Leksand, about 3 hours one way. Västanviks Folkhögskola, located in the heart of Dalarna, is the sole college/adult education program in Sweden that offers a full sign language environment.

Västanviks folkhögskola 2       Västanviks folkhögskola 1

The school will provide food and lodging for the whole week of the camp.  There is also a nearby lake, Siljan, which is about 500m down the road from the school.

The Lake Siljan
















EUDY - Program 12 June

Click at the program to see larger version. During the Camp, we have program in paper and  we will put up them on walls etc. Small details can be changes to the Camp.




Mia 1     Patrik 2
Mia Modig from Sweden and Patrik Nordell from Sweden
Topic: Norm Criticism/Gender Equality, Sunday 10 July


Dennis Photo      Jari Pärgma
Dennis Hoogeeven from the Netherlands and Jari Pärgma from Estonia
Topic: Different people, one love, Monday 11 July


Ri Mus from Germany
Topic: HIV in the Deaf Community, Monday 11 July


Ace Mahbaz from United Kingdom
Topic: Cultural Difference in the Deaf Community, Tuesday, 12 July


SarahRemgren (1)    Stephanie Photo 1
Sarah Remgren from Sweden and Stéphanie Floux from France
Topic: Deafblindness, Thursday 14 July




Registration Deadline: 6 May
Payment Deadline: 1 June

Registration Deadline: 6 May
Payment Deadline: 1 June

If you want to go to the Camp in Sweden July 8-17th – contact the Youth National Deaf Association in your country! All registrations will be send via each country’s YNAD to eudycampsweden@nullgmail.com. All participants should be between 18-30 years old.

6 May (new date!)– Deadline! For Registration (with photo and copy of passport) and Confirmation YNAD
1 June (new date!) – Deadline! For the payment and the Travel Information

How many from each country? We don’t have any exactly limit of how many participants from each country. See the file ”Confirmation YNAD” – there you should have the names in priority order. We will confirm you after the deafline (April 7th – new date: May 6th), how many of you can go to the Camp.  It may be approximately 2-7 participants from each country.


Camp Fees

Camp Fees (8-17 July, including General Assembly)
For the developed countries (A): 300 €
For the developing countries (B): 220 €

EUDY General Assembly only
Delegate from developed countries (A): 150 €
Delegate from developing countries (B): 90 €


Bank information

Each YNAD from each country will make the payment to us the Swedish YNAD. Write in the message “EUDY Sweden + your country”.

IBAN: SE20 8000 0818 7700 4125 3030

The name of the account: Sveriges Dövas Ungdomsförbund

Address of Swedish YNAD
Sveriges Dövas Ungdomsförbund
Rissneleden 138
174 57 Sundbyberg

Name of our bank:  Leksand Sparbank

Address of the bank:
Sparbanksgatan 1 (visit address)
Box 77 (post address)
793 22 Leksand

Please, when you have done the payment, send us a receipt of your payment. Problems or questions – please contact us!


Download forms

Registration Form
Confirmation YNAD
Travel Information
Visa Information
A- and B-countries
Photo Example
Third Announcement (June 2016)
Second Announcement
 (February 2016)
First Announcement (October 2015)


Videos in International Signs

Third Announcement (June 2016)
Second Announcement
(February 2016) – NEW DATES! Registration Deadline: 6 May, Payment Deadline: 1 June
First Announcement (October 2015)




Which participants do we have now? Here in the map (the picture) you can see which countries our participants come from.

UPDATE: Now we have many new registrations and we will update the picture very soon. The new countries: Spain, Ireland, Finland, Albania, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Czech, Latvia, Estonia, Malta and Poland.

See the full participant list here with 97 participants! (download) 





We are 11 persons in the Swedish staff. We are looking forward to see you in the Camp 8-17 July!

Jessica 3e call Ellinor 3e call Florian 3e call Mathilde 3e callNiklas 3e call Alexandra webb Julia G webb Antonia 3e call Larissa 3e call SofiaTill webben


EUDY Board and office

All from EUDY board and office are also with in the Camp.

EUDY Board: the President Timothy Rowies, Ariane Gerber, Marie Besson, Julia Velasquez and Jari Pärgma


Dennis Belen Kristiina
EUDY Staff: Dennis Hoogeeven, Belén Navas and Kristiina Mändsoo

All photos belong to EUDY


Travel Information

To and from Arlanda Airport, Stockholm

ARRIVAL on 8 July: We have arranged a bus to drive us from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport Swedavia (airport code: ARN) to Västanviks folkhögskola in Leksand. The bus will leave approximately 16.00h, so it is very important that your flight arrives before 15.30h.

ARRIVAL on 14 July (if you will participate only the GA): We have arranged a bus to drive us from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport Swedavia (airport code: ARN) to Västanviks folkhögskola in Leksand. The buss will leave approximately 15.00th, so it is very important that your flight arrives before 14.30th.

DEPARTURE on 17 July: A bus will take us back from Västanviks folkhögskola (Leksand) to the Stockholm Arlanda Airport-Swedavia. We will arrive approximately 11:30h, so please make sure to schedule your flight back home after 13:00h.

IMPORTANT!! Please fill in your travel information on the form “Travel Information” (you can download this form under ”Registration” in this website).


Traveling in other ways (if you do NOT fly to/from Arlanda Airport)

We recommended you to traveling with our bus transport between Arlanda Airport and Leksand, which is our only common transport (about 3 hours one way).
But if you want to arriving to Stockholm City, Arlanda Airport or Leksand by other ways – here we have more information. Please contact us if you have questions!


By car directly to Västanviks folkhögskola, Leksand

Västanviks folkhögskola
Winterommes väg 5
793 92 Leksand
Västanviks folkhögskola in Google Maps (click here)


By train or bus, to Stockholm Centralstation
Alternative 1: If you want to go to Arlanda Airport (from Stockholm Centralstation) and go with our bus transport – there are airport trains between Stockholm Centralstation and Arlanda Airport, around 20 minutes one way. A cheaper alternative is airport bus, around 40-50 minutes one way.
The website of Airport trains (click here)
The website of Airport buses (click here)

Alternative 2: Change to next train to Leksand Station (around 3-4 hours from Stockholm Centralstation).
The Swedish railway website (click here)


By ship to any Stockholm port
Stockholm have many ports, for example Frihamnen, Värtahamnen or Nynäshamn. If you want to arrive with ship – please contact us for how to traveling to Stockholm City or to Arlanda Airport – we will try to help you with information!


Other airports
If you arrive by flight, but to another airport – you can go to Arlanda Airport with Airport buses.

Between Bromma Airport (BMA) and Arlanda Airport – 50 minutes one way

Between Skavsta Airport (NYO) and Stockholm City – about 80 minutes one way, later you have to go from Stockholm City to Arlanda Airport also (20 minutes by airport train, 40-50 minutes by airport bus).

The website of Airport trains (click here)
The website of Airport buses (click here)



Contact us


Problems or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us in the SOC (Swedish Camp Organising Committee)!

E-mail (in written English): eudycampsweden@nullgmail.com
Skype (in International Signs): please make a time appointment via e-mail
Facebook: EUDY Youth Camp in Sweden 2016


the Swedish COC



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