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SDUF (Sveriges Dövas Ungdomsförbund) is a Swedish Deaf Youth Association

We’ve been an organisation for the Swedish deaf and hear impaired children and youth since 1966. We have about 900 members throughout Sweden, in the age of between 6-30 years old. The hearing children and youth with deaf parents or siblings, or only interested in the Sign Language, they are also welcome to us.

We use to organize camps every year, for children and youth 6-30 years. We also co-workwith other countries in the Nordic countries, Europe and the rest of the world about the Camps.

We arrange courses and conferences in Sweden and sometimes for the Nordic countries and we are working for better rights for deaf and hearing impaired children and youth in Sweden.

Every year in the autumn, it is General Assembly of SDUF.  We have a board of 7 youth and we have three employees. Our office is located in Stockholm.

We are also a part of DNUR (Youth Association of Deaf of the Nordic countries), EUDY (European Union of Deaf Youth) and WFDYS (World Federation of Deaf Youth Section).


To get in touch with us (the office) please send e-mail to:

We can also speak in International signs in videocalls. Please send e-mail to us to make a time appointment!

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Sveriges Dövas Ungdomsförbund
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Loggotyp över Sveriges Dövas Ungdomsförbund

”Sveriges Dövas Ungdomsförbund är en organisation för dig som är ung och teckenspråkig. Det spelar ingen roll om du är döv, hörselskadad eller hörande som har döva eller hörselskadade syskon och föräldrar.”